Thursday, October 28, 2010

Andrew Reynolds

I started this one immediately after finishing the Thomas sculpture. I ran out of steam though. The obvious choice for The Boss is the frontside flip. This should give you an idea of how my sculptures look in the early stages of development. This one was sculpted in a softer wax which allows me to work faster. But it adds a step because I then need to make a mold and cast it in the the harder green wax to finish the details. The pole coming out of his back is just a temporary support to help establish the pose. Anyway I think the thing that killed this for me was the fact that it would eventually need to be supported by a big rod. I got turned off by that. I'm gonna try and come back to it eventually. Maybe when I can make things levitate with my wizard skills.


  1. Can you use some kind of clear acrylic for the rod?

  2. It's a good thought but the weight of the sculpture might make it unstable. I think the sculpts weigh about 2 pounds so it would have to a pretty big piece of acrylic. I seriously just need to make things levitate.