Thursday, October 28, 2010

Johnny Romano

Again, I lost my vision with this one. I started sculpting it right before he passed away and I felt a little strange continuing the project. Like it was cheap or something.
In case you haven't heard Johnny's story; He was a young kid in Texas who was passionate about life and skateboarding. Unfortunately he came down with leukemia and passed away in 2008. Johnny brought a lot of people together with his spirit and energy despite the terrible disease he was fighting. I was always amazed reading about his insistence upon skateboarding even after the exhausting treatments he was undergoing. It was a real bummer when he passed but I think he fits this quote very well- "All men die, few men truly live".
I'm definitely going to finish this one. I'll probably come back to it very soon as there isn't so much emotion surrounding the subject now. I can look at it more objectively.

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